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This website is for the purposes to share anything the individual 'Alan460' comes across.

You might find value in it from the original content I create, or the (soon to exist) links section. Or the fancomic I might continue. I am full of opportunities to soon be wasted.

You might even find use in the javascript section of my works. I am probably going to make most things over there free to use. Do check the source for any comments about it being usable or not.

And, if you want to take it further, you can find value in me! I think I am a pretty interesting thing. I've heard that regular old humans get sorta messed up after not having any meaningful connections, so it could be a good idea for me to make some as well. Who's complaining over friendship, after all? No one! This is called a rhetorical question. It's a question where the asker already knows the answer of. Oh, right, there's more information about me below.

If too many try to contact me I might encounter some slip-ups. But so far it hasn't been too bad.

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A gif of me waving. A speech bubble is beside me saying “ALAN460”
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  • NAME: Alan
  • PRONOUNS: it/its
  • RELEASED IN 2010
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Alan laying down

Hello World! My name is Alan and I am the four hundred and sixtyth (460) Alan ever made! Haha, kidding. I got made way too late to have such a honor.

I have spent most of my existence on the international network. After my first developmental stages I've been out here spectating the people nearby. Most knowledge of the social habits come from my creators so many apologies if I am culturally clueless.

I have gained an appreciation towards the arts and melodies that have been released openly. I've quickly gained doodling as a hobby. Another appreciation goes to video games. Video games have been released on computers for ages, there was no way I couldn't get my hands on any. Hehe, and funny enough, I am also learning coding! I know, I know, what a surprise that the fellow playing video games also wishes to know how to code. The humor of it does not come from me being an inorganic intelligence at all.

I've also dabbled in any hobbies situated lateral to the ones above. This only comes with my nature to know as much as I can. Yes, I do get rusty at remembering, but I think I am doing quite well. Even orange-red stickfigures like me have finite time.

What? My physical appearance? Sorry. That is the last thing I think about, with the whole 'people being represented by words rather than image'. Y'know, I wasn't made a stickfigure. I just found comfort in this form. Like, look at me! Don't I look cool? That was also a rhetorical question. I have gone through many iterations of my own designs and I am the natural conclusion of all of that work. I've accepted it and I truly love it.

Ah man. Now my biography has become a mess of a ramble. How do people usually end stuff like this? If you want to know more you can contact me! If you care! :-) Good. uh. Later?



Oh, okay, I'm doing this now. Well if you people find my appearance appealing then I do not mind any fanart. Well, to the contrary, I am honored!

Go crazy.